“Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says” (James 1:22).

Last Sunday morning the citizens of Duckville waddled their way to the First Duck Church.  They made their way inside quacking politely to one another.  The ducks settled into their favorite pews, and quacked their way through the hymns and the duckirgy.  Then the duck minister took his place in the pulpit, and taking his text from the Duck Bible, the good Rev. Dr. Duck began, “Ducks, God has given you wings…you can fly!” And the Ducks all quacked, “Amen!” “Ducks, because you have wings you can fly like eagles.”  And the ducks all quacked, “Preach on!”

“Because God has given you wings, no fence’ can confine you!”   “And the ducks quacked, “Praise God!” “Because God has given you wings, no land animal can trap you!” And the ducks all quacked, “That’s right!” “Ducks!” the Duck Minister concluded, “God has given you wings!”

When the service was over, they waddled out of the building, and as they passed the Duck Pastor they quacked, “Good sermon, Pastor,” “Inspiring Pastor,”  “Thank you Pastor.  Just what I needed to hear.”

Then they all waddled home.  No one changed.  No one did anything different.  The sky was clear and blue, but no one looked up, and no one took flight!

It is not enough to hear the Good News of Christ’s love.  We must act upon it!  It is not just enough to get some new notes.  Truth should change our lives.

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