“Examine me, God, from head to foot, order your battery of tests. Make sure I’m fit inside and out” (Psalm 26:2 The Message).

      Doctors recommend regular checkups to make sure that our bodies are functioning properly. Though we might not even realize something is wrong, an undetected problem could potentially cause other health issues. The same is true of our relationship with the heavenly Father. He desires that we seek His truth daily, allowing Him to shed light on anything that hinders our walk.  And just as some people are nervous about seeing their physician, we might feel fearful of inviting the Holy Spirit to examine our lives. It can be frightening to realize the truth about our sin and see ourselves as we actually are. And furthermore, knowing that God will require our repentance and obedience may also cause discomfort in our lives.
But the rewards are great.
First, our Father removes any spiritual “blockages” that impede a close walk with Him. Second, we gain greater intimacy with the Lord and with others. Third, our energy is renewed as resentment, fear, and other ungodly attitudes stop draining us; serving God becomes a joy instead of a duty. Fourth, regardless of circumstance, we experience spiritual freedom through forgiveness. All of these benefits lead to deeper fulfillment, peace, and joy.
     Maturity is a lifelong process. The Father will continue to grow His children until He brings them home. Seek God’s wisdom and truth, and ask Him to reveal anything holding you back from a beautiful friendship with Him. He wants to walk closely with you all your days-and eternally.

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